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The Boys of Fall

Bright and early on Saturday morning I cranked up the old van and headed over to Bishop Kenny to shoot team and individual photos. By the weather you would not know it was time for The Boys of Fall to be out in full pads smacking each other around on the gridiron. But, we live in Florida – it’s hot. The temps were already in the mid 80’s and the humidity was swamp-like on this late August morning. [Read more…]

The Flying Fish Swim Team

This past Saturday I was finally able to shoot the FFST swim team individual and team photos. I say finally because the weather just did not want to cooperate earlier in the summer. [Read more…]

San Jose Country Club Pool Cats

Thursday, July 8th was Team and Individual photo day for the Pool Cats of San Jose Country Club.

The Pool Cats are in the River City Swim League and perennially contend for the league championship. [Read more…]

Team USA – The Stingrays That Is

The River City Swim League summer swim season is underway and that means it is time for team and individual photos. The images are keepsakes of a summer built on training, competing and hanging out with friends old and new. [Read more…]

2010 Bishop Kenny Baseball – Senior Edition

It has been my pleasure to spend the past few weeks with the Bishop Kenny baseball team. I have a special project I work on for the seniors. [Read more…]

Pitching in the pretty light

Shot a little more baseball today. I love the sport. There is always the challenge of seeing something a little different from the usual. In this photo, the late afternoon light provides a nice key light on pitcher Ryan Todd caught here mid delivery against Buchholz. The Crusaders had a poor outing, going down 17-5 to the Bobcats.


When the game is on the line, how do you respond? There have been times when my response has been the right one and then there are the other times. [Read more…]

June 22, 2009 Flying Fish Team Photo

Today was a visit over to the Fort Caroline Club, home of the Flying Fish Swim Team. The team came up with a great idea to get as many members of the team there as possible and that was to throw a pizza party for the swimmers that made the team and individual photo session. They had a great turnout as most of the team was there. We took lots of individual photos too. It was a fun afternoon. Check out the samples below.

June 11, 2009 – San Jose Country Pool Cats Team and Individual Photo Day

The Big Team

The Guppies

June 11 was Team and Individual photo day for the San Jose Country Club Pool Cats of the River City Swim League. I also stayed around to take some action photos of their meet against the Spartan Aquatic Club. It was an enjoyable day poolside at San Jose Country Club visiting with the swimmers, coaches and parents. The photos from the day may be viewed here.