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February 12, 2009 – Starting Out

Leading lines guide the eye.

Leading lines guide the eye.

400 meters. Endurance. Speed. No matter the distance or number of laps, the track is an amazing test of endurance and speed for the athlete that steps upon its surface to compete. Without proper physical and mental preparation, the race is lost before it begins. The desire of an athlete to prepare well to compete is a very large factor in determining the outcome of the effort made in competition. The same is very true for how we go about performing the challenges in our daily lives. When we prepare, we enhance our opportunities to be successful day in and day out. Rather than run around in circles, choose to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually to define your path and reach your goals.

Having spent my high school years as a track athlete and then several years coaching cross country and track athletes, I have a love for the challenges and competition that are encountered in the sport. I was a short distance guy in high school. The sprints, hurdles and the 440 were my events. I enjoyed every opportunity to get out on the cinders (later on rubber) and compete. As I got older, I found out something interesting in that I began to enjoy running the distances involved in road racing. The goals of reaching sub 20 minute 5K’s, sub 60 minute 15K’s and an hour and thirty minute half marathon were enjoyable to pursue. However, my success in distance running pretty much can be summed up by saying that I had the mind of a distance runner in sprinter’s body! During all these experiences, running and competing taught me more about myself than anything else I have done in my lifetime. Just as the lines in this image lead the eye to a certain point and beyond, the preparation, the competition and the final results of my efforts made me realize that proper planning and preparation will lead to reaching your goals and beyond.

Data: Canon G9, manual mode, ISO 200, f 3.5, 1/1600 at 10:17 AM in Jacksonville, Florida.