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February 3, 2009 – Spark

Shower of Sparks

Shower of Sparks

I am a big fan of motivational tools that involve photography and symbolism. Fire communicates a strength and tenacity necessary for success in the business world, but also has such beauty and grace as the flames dance and the sparks fly that allow for imagination and creativity. As I fired up the charcoal to cook on the grill tonight, the sparks would occasionally fly up from the chimney and dance in the air until fading away. It made me think how  challenging and tenuous maintaining a positive attitude can be when we don’t keep the fires burning inside. It simply fades away unless we find ways to spark our motivation and positive attitude.

Data: Samsung Instinct Camera Phone at 6:29 PM on my back porch.


January 29, 2009 – Rain

A rainy ride to work.

It was a wet and cold ride to work this morning. My classic 78 VW van is leaky and without heat. However, I don’t have a car payment! I guess that makes it OK. I saw these reflections while sitting at the light waiting for traffic to move. The rains leaves things feeling fresh and clean. Good for the earth and good for us.

Data: Samsung Instinct Cameraphone at 7:05 AM in Jacksonville, Florida.


January 27, 2009 – Fog


Late Night, Foggy Road

Late Night, Foggy Road

I was on my way home around 9:30 PM after a long day and the weather was very typical northern Florida stuff for this time of year. Warm days and cool nights and lots of humidity make for lots of FOG. Traffic was moving slowly and yet, somehow a driver ahead of me attracted the attention of a police officer (reddish lights in the middle of the frame) further slowing down the ride home.

I pulled out my Instinct and made this frame as I crept along around 5 miles per hour as this event unfolded in front of me. I have to admit, I am taking a liking to the kind of raw, grainy images this camera phone produces. The image quality reminds me of a Holga or the really old Polaroids that you had to peel apart and would shake in your hand until the image magically appeared. In cold weather using the Polaroid I remember having to keep a metal sleeve warm that the Polaroid went into to help it develop in cooler temps. (I know, this dates me a bit. What is so bad about a little experience in life?) These camera phone images are quite a change from the image quality that my regular gear produces. It is a step back in time when things sure seemed a lot simpler and life moved at a much easier pace. Memories. Ahhhh…

Data: Samsung Instinct Cameraphone at 9:25 PM in Jacksonville, Florida.