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When the game is on the line, how do you respond? There have been times when my response has been the right one and then there are the other times.

The other times often create a lesson. A lesson that is far more important than the decision made that seems right.

Decisions that are difficult under pressure teach us to evaluate every aspect of the situation. Often, we have to make that evaluation very quickly.

In a moment’s notice the difference between a response and a reaction might be the difference between winning and losing. Between frustration or satisfaction.

Tied at 2-2, the Crusader’s Michael Holmes managed to make the clutch decision and hit when the game was on the line in the bottom of the sixth in a 3-2 Crusader victory over Bartram Trail last Tuesday.

No, it was not a life or death decision or one to make or break a high dollar deal in the business world, but it sure made a bunch of  JV baseball players happy for Bishop Kenny.

Tuesday was also team and individual photo day for these guys. Here’s a sample. I love off camera fill flash.

To view the individual photos and the game action photos, take a peek here.