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January 31, 2009 – One

Symbolic grains of sand
Symbolic grains of sand

One. That number was important today for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was fortunate to spend the day today with Heather and Caleb as two lives became one. In a beautiful setting by the St. John’s River at Club Continental in Orange Park, Florida, Caleb and Heather declared their desire to share their love and lives with each other during a chilly outdoor ceremony. The image above shows the blending of colored sand from two containers into one. A symbol of this couple’s desire to live their lives as one.

I wish you two all the best in your future together. Thanks for allowing Jennie and me to be a part of your special day.

On a personal note, this also makes it one month into Project 365 for me in an effort to create images with meaning and to force me to be more creative in my photographic endeavors. I am finding this to be an interesting challenge, as I try to think a bit differently when I shoot with a variety of cameras and attempt to make pictures that have meaning and provide a variety of subjects and topics on a daily basis. The creative process is easy some days and others it can be quite a challenge. One month down. One twelth of the way there. Eleven months to go.  One story at a time. One photo at a time. One day at a time.

Data: Canon 10D, 70-200 IS, ISO 400, f 4.5, 1/350 at 1:05 PM in Orange Park, Florida.



  1. Hey Tim,
    I love this picture very cool. I can not wait to see all of the others. Thanks again to you and Jennie for all your hard work. Caleb & I greatly appreciate it.