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January 22, 2009 – Ice

Ice, Ice, Ice Baby.

Ice, Ice, Ice Baby.

Definitely time to do some catching up on the Project 365. Yesterday’s entry was a personal one for me as a personal project that I am working on. I hope one day to share those, but for now those 365 posts will remain under wraps!

This shot was taken with my camera on the macro setting and is simply shot down into a cup of partially melted ice cubes. I think that sometimes I look at the world in the wide shot way too much and don’t get up close into some of the smaller things that make up our world around us. If I did not indicate this was ice, would you have figured out my subject for today?

Data: Canon G9, manual mode, macro focus, ISO 400, f 2.8, 1/13 at 11:09 PM in Orlando, Florida.