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January 20, 2009 – Key Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

What is the key ingredient?

Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places and events sometimes. I only say this because of the several ideas I had today for getting a few photos, it was not until I arrived home and began to prepare dinner that another brand new idea struck me.

As I collected the ingredients for dinner and stacked them on the counter, I began to notice the colors and textures and how each item played a key role in providing a distinctive flavor and texture that is necessary to make a tasty meal. However, what is the key ingredient (or ingredients) that make for a successful day?

It occurred to me than that each day we go to work or go to play or even relax takes a certain mix of ingredients to be satisfying. Whether it is setting goals, making appointments, listening to a certain music mix, meeting new people or checking another item of the To Do List, each accomplishment brings on a certain sense of accomplishment that leads to another satisfying day at work, play or just plain relaxing. How do you plan and mix the ingredients of your day to make the day satisfying and fulfilling? Bon appetit!

Data; Canon G9, manual mode, ISO 400, f 5.0, 1/30 at 6:29 PM in Jacksonville, Florida. Light source: incandescent bulb overhead and slightly camera left.