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Put Me In Coach

I was once again hanging out at the ball field a couple nights ago. No lugging heavy cameras around. Just me, a Coca-Cola and a bag of peanuts. Enjoying the game and some time with the family.

Oh, and my iPhone.

I’ve gotten a little addicted to this device. Not just because I can Tweet and browse Facebook and email all I want. (Or, at least ’til the battery gives up the ghost) I am fascinated by the camera.

I am intrigued trying to capture moments with a pretty simple camera. Simple settings and “snap!”, you’ve got a shot.

They might be blurry. Grainy. Out of focus. Blown out. Dark. Sometimes even Photoshop Mobile can’t help.

It does not matter.

In an age where good photographers get superb images from their advanced equipment, it is nice to see imperfection.  Imperfection does not matter – it give the images an old time feel and look. And warmth.

Oh, it was another tough night on the diamond for the boys of Bishop Kenny. A 9-5 loss to Eagle’s View.